Dr Marlene Winberg


Narrative Arts Therapy Practitioner,

Teacher, Storyteller & Author

Dear Reader,

I have served the international human rights organisation, The World's Children's Prize Foundation, as South Africa coordinator and trauma counsellor for more than two decades. In this capacity, I have witnessed hundreds of resilient, yet desperately vulnerable women and children from all walks of life tell their stories.

As a result of my long association with the narrative arts, healing and teaching, I registered for a PhD at the University of Cape Town in 2015, determined to find a scientific context for the union between narrative arts therapy and indigenous knowledge. I was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy for this trans-disciplinary research at the inter-sections of science and the arts, psychology, anthropology, literature and history (Winberg 2020).

This doctoral research in the Faculty of Science enabled me to use my experience to develop a therapeutic narrative arts programme in consultation with indigenous communities in southern Africa, the University of Cape Town and the Dulwich Centre in Australia – a global pioneer in Narrative Therapy.

My current post-doctoral research is an investigation into the neuroscience of storytelling and the brain's evolutionary capacity for making sense of life through visual and verbal narratives.

Thank you for your interest.




Tanya, 17

As a 17-teen-year-old I have had the privilege of being able to experience both online and in-person therapy. I was surprised to discover how eTherapy allowed me more personal freedom during the sessions. Being able to work from my own space, I avoided a lot of the anxiety and distress I previously endured, because I feel safe in my room. My own space has been personalised and adapted to my needs, comforts, and gave me peace of mind. I am letting my therapist into my space and not the other way round. 


A bonus for my mom was how it eliminated the need to travel somewhere and add even more driving time to my her already busy schedule. We felt that eTherapy was any day as effective as in-person sessions.

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